Think & Grow Rich Lessons

Posted: 2018-03-24

What I learned from the lesson on FAITH is just to get moving when you are ready or not. There is no such thing as the right time. There will always be challenges and obstacles along the way. How you handle yourself during the tough times is the key to success. Success is a poor teacher. Failure is the real teacher if you adjust and make a new mistake next time. I took a book out of the Library on Martin Luther King Junior and he did whatever it took to get the job done. He himself got up early in the morning to do work. Even though he was assasinated he did whatever it took to put segregation to an end. He put it out there with the song "We Shall Overcome!" And it worked!

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: ""Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." Martin Luther King Jr