Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Wiley Price Lake Worth, FL, USA

Posted: 2018-03-23

Chapter 3 faith
March 23, 2018


If Charlie Schwab can sell his Idea for $600,000,000 for a single idea, I know that I can supplant my idea for $100,000,000 to six and seven figure earners $100,000,000 is just a very small percentage of the $600,000,000 that was asked by Swab. So I will not relent from this sum for my system which has the potential to make the bearer many times the amount of $250,000,000 or more.

I may be thinking too small at $100,000,000 dollars for a system that has the potential to make you $250,000,000 but I have the faith to carry this off.

It is a state of mind between the amounts, let’s, see that a difference of $500,000,000 for a system of a lifetime.

Speaking of auto suggestion, if I keep telling myself I can obtain this amount that I ask, my subconscious will give it to me, I am working on volume, I get $100,000,000 for 6 individuals I have my $600,000,000 I win …  lol.

This is the same way I won the affliction’s of Natalya, and at that amount it won’t take me long to create generational wealth.

Faith is something that I have in abundance of. I started out in the church of Christ, and I kept my faith in God and his Son Jesus Christ don’t worry this is not an article on religion, just saying.

You shot for a specific goal and have faith, patience, persistence, organize your mind, you can have Aladdin’s lamp. So keep on dreaming, and hoping, but above all take action.

And if you tell yourself that you don’t have what you ask for, from life you want reach                                                                                                                         it. That goes for anything you ask life for.

So go for it, you have nothing to fear but fear itself