Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Nick Harper Tyler , TX, USA

Posted: 2018-03-21

Hill states that his son was born without ears and doctors said that he'd never hear or speak clearly, but Hill had a different idea.  Hill sold young Blair the idea that he had a distinct advantage over his older brother.  Hill had a burning desire for his son to hear although it took time the boy eventually learned to speak clearly and also hear.  Hill planted the seed in Blair's mind but Blair also believed in himself and he never gave up.  Hill never allowed the boy to learn sign language or go to any special school for the deaf.  Hill fought for his son to live a normal life and the boy became an amazing person because of persistent desire.  There's a very valuable lesson to be learned from Blair he didn't listen to negativity of buy into the doctor's opinion, he chose to listen to his father.  Things get hard and challenges will come but if you keep a positive attitude and never allow any negativity to enter your mind you'll always be successful.  I'm helping others see things from a positive point of view and I'll continue to help until the end of my time.  Everyone needs a positive place and a burning desire to patient and persistent with a burning desire and success will come.


Nick Harper