Think & Grow Rich Lessons
joseph lombardo millville, NJ, usa

Posted: 2018-03-21

The first part of this lesson reminds me of my father,When he came to the US he did not speak English,He was sent to a huge trucking company called Lobondos to the owners house,He gave my dad a job in the fields,My dad was a Diesel Mechanic in no time he learned English and the American tools from metric,And became the boss in the entire shop.I was born 1959 this was before i was born he worked there until he retired he ended up with a great pencun and other things,And i remember him always reading big books in English he spoke like 7 different languages,I speak 3 he spent ten years POW in world war two in Africa,Im kinda the same way id work doing anything at first i was 16 when i was 19 i got a great paying JOB,few years of that i got tired so i started my own business landscaping sprinkler systems etc. stone etc,I had a small crew and i worked a full time JOB in a freezer 6 below 0.,Then few years of that i got tired of not having a trade i went to work for a company called RSC Rental Service Corp,Hevry Costuctcun eqwipment big stuff.There i got a tread I work that job for 8 years until i became disabled,I made a lot of money i only had 4 years were i earned $80,000,But really more i got paid a lot of im disabled can't work i get a decent pension and most of my desires have been met now i have small ones still,Just to earn what im aloud and keep my benefits,it's coming in time.I heard this lesson 2 a few times my father in law is sick with congestive heart failure,I will get good at this i will get better at this i feel like ive done all this before but not aware of it ill get better at typing in time.


Where ive been what ive done is part of the same system,I never talked about it like this i ask to get better at it,I've always work physically always enuf and more for what we needed,I understand its not i cant or ill try I will I can do this.