Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Colleen Toye Mandeville, Louisiana, USA

Posted: 2018-03-21

Last summer, many of you heard me say that I woke up one morning and told God and the Universe that I wanted $10,000 by December because I wanted a screened porch.  The next day, I took an order for my ornaments for over $3,000.00 from a new store.  My husband was able to bring in the rest and by the end of December, the porch was in.

But, that's not only what this post is about. It's about all of my desires!

You see, on  March 21, 2013, 5 years ago today, I attended a women's meeting and we were told by a life coach, to draw a quick 3 minute sketch of your ideal life.  It might include a place where you might want to live or visit or it might be a tweaking of where you are right now.  Include elements that are important to you in imagining your ideal life such as: people you want in your life, music, gourmet food, exercise, health, laughter, wonderful books, gardens, adventures, dancing, creativity, spirituality, etc...

I drew 10 things that I wanted, horsebackriding, visit grandchildren, country western music, more prayer time, a garden, $$ Savings, swimming, riding my bike, a porch and a trip to Ireland.

I have kept that picture on my wall in front of my computer for the past 5 years, gazing upon it and gathering many of those dreams and desires on that paper during that time. 

There was only one of the 10 desires that I didn't have. A trip to Ireland, which I have been dreaming about since I was a child.

I told my son, 6 months ago that "Your Dad and I are going to go to Ireland and we would like you to go with us".  I had no idea about how that was going to happen, but I knew it would.

My sister called me 3 weeks ago to wish my husband happy birthday. At the end of the call, she casually said that she wanted to go on a river cruise and would like me to go along, all expenses paid. I closed my eyes and saw the word Ireland before she said it!!!!! Yes, an all expense trip to the country of my dreams.

Not only are we going to be on the cruise, but she rented the Penthouse Suite on top of the ship, butler and all!!!

But, that's not all....I'm going to meet a friend of mine for the first time since we met 5 years ago on facebook by the  name of Colleen McHugh Toye.

Write it down, Make it happen!!!

I have had many, many things like this happen in my life, because I not only desire, but I believe they will come true.

Colleen McDonald Toye

Mandeville, LA