Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Andy Destin Lake Worth , FL , USA

Posted: 2018-03-21

A BURNING DESIRE is the starting point towards riches. We all WANT to be rich with beautiful house and very nice cars, but not realizing that it will takes WORK to obtain them and maintain them.

 Many of us know that our day job will not let us have such lifestyles, so we start a business hoping and wishes that we can have the money to bring those things that we desire to reality. 

And BOOM! We see that we need to do more work after our day job and work our business on the side.

 Few of us felt like this is too much for us and we quit and those who spread their goals to smaller chunks stay and work and build their skills in order to succeed. 

Sometimes quitting too soon will be the greatest regret people will have or letting other people's opinions played in their mind and give up... 


You can't live the rich lifestyle if you Quit. 


You can do it, just keep improving your skills. 


You're the best my friend, 


-Andy!  Your friend and mentor