Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Everardo Larreynaga Hempstead, NY, USA

Posted: 2018-03-17

Good evening,

Just read chapter 2.  Well, I am picking up information that I missed the couple of times I read Think and Grow Rich.   Yes, it is important to have a burning desire and become obsessed with an idea.  Here with the idea of success, primarily of financial success. But is equally important that you need to work.  Just dreaming and seeing in your mind what you want is not enough.  As it has been stated by Napoleon Hill you need a plan.  To me this means do research, read a few books on your topic, understand what you are getting involved with.  Ask .  Then you can begin to plan.  My biggest problem I did not know where to start the research and perhaps what to research.  As years have gone by and met so many failures, it is beginning to dawn on me and understand that I am not the only one and my problems are common to every beginner.   I about to create my plan.  I am still working on my first challenge:  to clone my hard drive.  My hard drive not here yet.  But will work on it and work on this two.  Re- read and success is not automatic.  It does not come immediately.  We must work at it with patience.