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Frank Larrabee COVINA, CA, United States

Posted: 2018-03-16

My Go Cart Desire

​I started going to the local sprint cart track on my bike when I was 10 years old to watch all the different go carts fly around the 8 turn​, 1/8 mile long straight away course. Speeds were from 30 mph to 80-90 around the track depending on what type of carts were running. There were lawn mower powered carts, mid to high powered 2 stroke carts and really fast twin engine lay down carts.

The neighbors sons were running there carts, and they introduced me to all the other cart racers there. After 6-8 months of watching and learning the desire to drive and run a cart of my own began to form in my young mind. 

I asked around and found one for sale a guy from Czechoslovakia, Joe Sikandar, had there at the track. And he was willing to train me on how to drive and maintain it. The cost was $350.00 and I had to have my Dads permission. 

I got Dads permission but with one question? Where was I going to get the $350.00? I asked Dad if he would go in with half, $175.00, that I would save my paper route earnings of $60.00 a month till I got to my $175.00, and he agreed! 

Joe was willing to wait, and I spent the next 3 months of summer time there learning how to maintain and operate his other carts as he ran them, real hands on training. A real Mentor.

By now I was 11 years old and had saved my $175.00, bought Joe's cart with Dads help, and began running practice laps to learn how to drive it. Joe even lent me his spare Bell helmet and a leather cart racing jacket for protection.

I ran that cart for 2 more years with Dads help hauling me to the track. I sold it when I was 14 to buy my 1st car which I re-built to race the 1/4 mile, my new desire.

Desire is wanting something so badly, You are willing to work for it...