Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Wiley Price Lake Worth, FL, USA

Posted: 2018-03-15

Chapter 2 Desire
March 15, 2018



I have the Desire the will power to acuminate the sum of money and any relationship that I will to come too me I have an Aladin’s lamp and I can call upon any wish that I want to come into reality. I wished for Natalya too come into my life and puff there she was, I wished for her to marry me and puff it will come into focus. She has already told me she will marry me and calls me her husband puff, puff, puff. Now I am working on visionalizing more wealth into my life and puff it will be.

ANYTHING WILL COME TRUE I have set a goal to get the sum of $250,000,000 in 5 by 12/2022 and I have said what I will give in return for such wealth and it is and all-consuming fire of Desire. Already opportunity is bring me the means in which I can see this through.

Unless you burn all your ships behind you, you will not see your dreams materialize WILL NOT I MEAN WILL NOT see your dreams. If you say something do it JUST DO IT.

I have to work on myself I said I would learn a different language, and I am not just learning Russian I am also learning Portuguese after that I will learn a lot of other languages like French, Spanish, maybe Creole etc.

I am going to use the same technique that Barnes used many of the things that other innovator’s use to make their wealth I am going to be amongst one of the wealthy. I have to go because “I have people to see and places to go.” Bye for now!!!