Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Andrew Marmion Tuam, Galway, Ireland

Posted: 2016-02-24

Chapter 15 How To Outwit The Six Ghosts Of Fear


Indecision can be easily linked back to the chapter on procrastination. The Twelve and Twelve written by AA’sco-founder, Dr Bob, describes procrastination as another word for sloth in 5 syllables. Although this could be the case, I believe the issue is far deeper than this when it comes to me doing network marketing, writing, dealing with clients and so forth.


Although I have much improved, I definitely procrastinate through fear which brings me back to this present chapter – indecision causes doubt, which, after crystallising, Napoléon Hill tells us, they blend into and become fear. Not only do these three qualities stop the 6th sense from fully expressing itself, they also kill. They are murderers!


How many people have put off going to the doctor’s when the body’s symptoms are suggesting they should, only to find their delay had cost them precious time? They find out to their horror that they now have a terminal illness.

How often have spouses delayed telling one another that they love each other and failed to spend quality time together only to see their marriage begin to disintegrate?


How many work deadlines have been missed and job promotions lost because fear has held us back, stirred the pot of doubt and indecision and left one reeling from dealing with them.


What MFF and Michael teach me isn’t what to think, but how to think. I don’t need to entertain negative or unhealthy thoughts. I can catch the first sign of germination before it becomes fully fledged through using my self-talk frequently throughout the day, following the principles of desire, and being on the conference calls. This helps me keep out of my head.

I can’t stop unwanted thoughts from coming into my conscious mind, and that’s okay. But I am responsible for what I do with them and how I allow them to limit my ability to shine through following my sixth sense, implementing the suggestions and ideas which come. And some of these ideas come from listening to others. If I’m full of fear, doubt and indecision, I cannot hear others, am unable to absorb those ideas coming from – ultimately – God, the Infinite Intelligence.

Fear of poverty is still with me to a certain extent. Meditating on the symptoms of fear, I return to the theme of procrastination. Why do I procrastinate so much? Well, as Napoleon Hill tells us, procrastination also includes the symptoms of worry, doubt and over caution. It leaves me crippled when I engage with it. But beneath it all, I believe it’s because I don’t think I’m entitled to be wealthy, and beneath this, that I don’t have the right to be happy.


What a curious and self-defeating belief. God wants me to be happy and has given me all the resources I need to do so, especially my inner resources, but I’m held back by this childhood belief. I believed what my father told me on a daily basis when I was a child, that I was useless, a nobody and would never amount to much. I no longer choose to believe that today. And that’s what maturation means, choosing what to believe in a way which will serve my higher good, that of my loved ones and those whom I serve. I can only achieve wealth and be useful to others if I operate from a healthy sense of who I am.

Napoleon Hill reminds me of this, Michael reminds me of this, as do all the members of MFF. Ploughing our own furrows isn’t easy but it can be achieved with a healthy and positive state of mind, persistence and the strength of character which entails keeping the hand to the plough and never giving up.

I would have liked to leave  a URLlink  about a Korean lad who came out of homelessness (since he was five years of age and being on his own) to go on to be an opera singer. That says it all. I found this very humbling. If anyone wants the link, feel free to ask.