Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Berdel Warrior Squaw Valley, CA, USA

Posted: 2016-02-24

In order to be successful in applying any portion of this philosophy you must prepared your mind to receive the information. The preparation is not difficult. It begins with study analysis, and understanding of three enemies which you shall have to clear out. While you have these three negatives in your mind (INDECISION, DOUBT, and FEAR) the Sixth Sense will never function. The members of this unholy trio are closely related, where one is found, the other two are close at hand.

INDECISION is the seedling of FEAR! Indecision crystalizes into DOUBT, the two blend and become FEAR! The “blending” process often is slow. This is one reason why these three enemies are so dangerous. They germinate and grow without their presence being observed.

 There are six basic fears, with some combination of which every human suffers at one time or another. Most people are fortunate if they do not suffer from the entire six. Named in the order of their most common appearance, they are:

The fear of POVERTY

The fear of CRITICISM

The fear of ILL HEALTH


The fear of OLD AGE

The fear of DEATH

Fears are nothing more than states of mind.

We can create nothing which we don’t first conceive in the form of an impulse of thought. Nature has given everyone the absolute control over their own thoughts.

There can be no compromise between POVERTY and RICHES! The two roads that lead to poverty and riches travel in opposite directions. If you want riches (financial, spiritual, mental and material estates), you must refuse to accept any circumstance that leads toward poverty

If you demand riches, determine what form, and how much will be required to satisfy you. You have been given the road that leads to riches. If you neglect to make the start, or stop before you arrive, no one will be to blame, but YOU.

A state of mind is something that one assumes. It cannot be purchased, it must be created. Fear of poverty is a state of mind, nothing else!

Love and Light,

Berdel Warrior

Fresno, California