Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2016-02-24

What I think of this chapter is that the only way to have massive success in any area of your life is BEING ALL IN. When you are doing whatever it takes to set whatever goals you have in this business you are no different than the Football player Brett Farve who wanted to win the super bowl championship more than anyone else.  He believed he deserved it while his teammates did not and he did whatever it took to win! Zig Ziglar says that many people do not set goals because they have a poor self image. And if you want to go to Accopco Tommorow at 10:00 AM, then do yourself a favor and grab a pen and paper and list the things that you need to do TODAY so that tommorow you can head on the plane while others are sitting in their cubicles just staring into outer space! If you do not know what to do like Richard Dennis has on the football field, then go hit someone. Fail Fast! The more plays you make the more successful you will be. 

If you decide to be a benchwarmer then there is BAD NEWS. You are no diferent than the airplane who is sitting in its parking spot & rusting more than a plane that is flying back and forth between New York and Tampa every day. Planes were made for flying and man was built for purpose. Another thing that Richard Dennis described is being enthusiathic.  The more action you take the more mistakes you make, its better to fail forward and make mistakes plus be coachable to learn from them and AVOID repeating them then just sitting around figuring out the how. How strong is your WHY? If it is not strong enough then head back to Chapter 2 of Success In Ten Steps. You must get emotional with it and it must be 110%. What I learned is that if a person thinks that he needs to be right all the time then he unfortunately gets left behind. And that is a rathole to avoid at all costs!

Main thing: If you got written goals and you want to meet the deadline just like your 10 page paper was due back in college! Then do yourself a favor and take action NOW!

Just DO IT!

Lawrence Bergfeld