Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2018-03-06

I think personally that the two most parts of Chapter 15 are as follows:

Because indecision and doubt blend into fear which means aftraid to take a step forward. Meaning don't even bother running you will fall down. Then you never even attempt running to even see if its for you or not because you think its too dangerous. A myth of course but your subconscious mind is as dumb as a bunch of rocks. It can't tell a truth from a lie. 

Ken Klemns word picture says it all. Think about Giants Stadium. Your concious mind is the football and your subconscious mind is da stadium. That is why its important to get reprogrammed.

People frequently focus on the negative which is a big mistake. They pay attention too much to the news and all the things that will not work. When they say that they are realistic that is a lie. There is no such thing as a realist. As Michael Dlouhy mentioned that there are two types of people in the world. You are either a visionary or a pessimist. The realists are the pessimists.

Instead of remember the people who had success and do what they did to get RESULTS. Once again they focus on the negative. Just like being afraid of jumping into the pool because its too cold. Too cold? You will survive it!  A leader became a leader because he was an intelligent follower. The person who can follow a leader most effectively is the one who develops into a leader the fastest. In other words leaders became leaders because they were intellgent followers. Duplication!  Without RESULTS you are NOT a leader.

STOP PLANNING on asking that question "If it fails?" then because you are putting it out to the universe just like someone who speaks their reality into existence. Avoid using the words maybe, possibly, we will see and try. Because there is no such thing as try. You either do it or do NOT. Try is a secret code for no just like Tom Big Al Schrieter says. Avoid being like someone who goes with his wife to breakfast and his client doesn't show up. He says that he is leaving in five minutes and his wife says "Another no show". If Bob Newhart were standing there he would say "STOP IT" we don't go there.

Your focus forms your future. So focus on the yeses and burn all bridges and make retreat impossible and say to yourself and more importantly DO IT! There is no going back!

Seek the company of people who influence you to think and act for yourself! Not those who pretend to do your homework by wanting to influence you with their secret agenda.

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: If you are right all the time you are not taking risks. Risk requires taking action to get to the next level and you almost always will be unsure,. You can be right or you can be rich NOT both. The person who is always right dies with his must still in him never living life to the fullest. Just like Robert Kyosakis father Ralph has he would argue, argue, argue and unfortunately he passed before his time.