Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celia Burton New Castle, Delaware, US

Posted: 2016-02-23

There are so many fears for man have to conquer. I dare to say that each one of us had to deal with one on the six fears described by Mr. Hill in this chapter.  The fear of poverty, growing old, criticism, illness, death, and loss of love. In my opinion not knowing you have one of these six fears is detrimental to ones happiness and prosperity in your life. This chapter is very clear for identifying these fears that plaque mankind which the human mind conjures up and feeds on.  Any of the six fears Mr. Hill describes has the ability to cripple any progress afforded to a person so severely that it can leave a person in a state of non-productivity.  Fear can control every facet of it's victims life.  It robs the ability for people to progress financially. socially, professionally,and hinders their  businesses.  Fear or the lack of fear actually determines a persons destiny in life.

Fear is often embedded in children at an early age.  Often their parents are responsible for instilling fear in their children.  Don't do this or that may happen, done often enough it becomes a stumbling block embedded in the child's psyche and sadly enough the child grows up with this fear and may never overcome it.

Personally I think to overcome a fear you must face it head on.  I use to be afraid of driving over bridges.  It wasn't embedded in me, but  the St. Georges bridge was my main nemeses,

I had to drive over it to get home from college weekly. About 10 miles from the bridge my palms would start sweating and I would hold the stirring wheel so tight my fingers and palms of my hands would hurt.  It began when I had to drive a group of children to Smyrna on a mini buss and I had to cross that bridge and  shift gears.  The clutch was stalling on the assent and I couldn't get it in the right gear.  I struggled to gain control of myself from shaking, every nerve was on edge.  The bus crept up the assent and I finally made it to the pinnacle.  I felt immediate relief as the bus started to descend and elated when I was on solid ground.  I was still shaking even when I got on solid highway.  I had to overcome that fear.   It took time but I continued to face it, I beat my monster over many years, and for years it would creep up on me and I had to fight for years to overcome this fear, but I was determined to beat it.  I was afraid when I approached any bridge. I used self talk even before I was told what it was. I finally beat it and can now cross even the Chesapeake Bridge. Every once in awhile the fear would try to creep up on me and I would quickly remind myself that I overcame you, you are not mightier than me and again I would go for it straight on.  As time passed that fear diminished, now when I think about it. I smile knowing that I called fear's bluff and whipped it's behind.

The great thing we all should remember about this chapter is that we are in control of our thoughts and any fears we harbor can be conquered with positive self-talk, and that my friends is good news.

To all my wonderful partners on my journey to greatness

Celia H. Burton

New Castle, DE