Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Athanasios Georgakopoulos Ocoee, FL, United States

Posted: 2018-01-31

Chapter 10 Power of the Mastermind

The mastermind is a critical component of any endeavor bigger than ourselves.

Is a family started by one person? No. It takes 2 people masterminding and coming up with ideas.

A business to be successful long term can only be done right with a mastermind.

The purpose of this is that what one person may miss, the other in the mastermind will pick up on and fill in the blanks.

Also it’s the support base to keep going and continue to build your character, skill, and future plans.

This is yet another critical component that must be applied. By sending lesson plans and getting on the calls is the first step to joining this powerful mastermind.

What a blessing.


Tommy Georgakopoulos