Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2018-01-31

The major lesson personaly is be careful of those who mastermind with about own goals and dreams. Stop talking with someone who has no experience in the area about the area looking at going into. For many years my own mastermind group consisted of taking advice of those who had no idea of the subject at hand. Also getting into relationships with those who sought only sex , when looking to get married and have my own kids or getting involved with someone who didn't want kids or was unable to have kids.

Taking advice on cars from someone who knew nothing about a car, they also live their life in fear wow what a wonderful combination. Its learning to work with those who will support that dream which have of being a stay at home dad spending more time with the family, being able to travel the world with them. doing foster care and adoption, giving those kids a loving caring home and a father who is involved in their lives.

That means taking with dads and parents, stopping letting the past experiences with My own father get in the way. It also means taking relationship advice from someone who is in a relationship, rather than someone who saught sex only. When we mastermind or hang around those who see sex as a free way to get a kick from life that's all we getvwhen, we mastermind with those who see sex as special for their partner then that's what we get back too. It all comes back to our emotional energy on the subject.

Thank you to my amazing mastermind group and friends for life at mentoring for free with your ongoing guidence, love and support. A special thanks to my wonderful nentors and rich parents Limda and Michael Dlouhy and Ken Klemm for Your own guidence, love, encouragement and support. A huge thank you to my amazing wonderful wife Jenny for Your own ongoing support and encouragement over the years. Your friend for life, 

Big hugs,
Ben Drake
West Ryde New South whales Australia