Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Andy Destin Lake Worth , FL , USA

Posted: 2018-01-31

Creating a Mastermind Group is the very best thing that Michael and Landa could've ever created for us all.

 Many of us want to be RICH and live a lifestyle that we could have only dream of. 

But since we're part of a powerful team and we all SUPPORTING each other to make our dream come true.

 I know many of us want to stop living the broke life and the life of lacking on things that we truly desire since we were little. 

Many of us had a LIMITING BELIEFS, which is holding us back and when we talk to those who are not thinking as big as we are or not going in our path, they will say to us that " You'll never make it " in their mind we are thinking two big. 

As Hill mention, two battery will produce more energy than just one battery. 

But even though we are building our business for ourselves  when we meet as a team on the call we bring way more energy then two individual can bring. We all have different experience, background and think differently. 

Once the call is over as just one person we can all use the energy and ideas that has been discuss. 


Best of, 




P.S  special thank you to, Tuula, Michael & Landa for having me here!