Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Richard Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2018-01-31

Have you every had a car break down and you start to push it to get it off the road. You strain and struggle to get it moving because it’s just you and it is just barely starting to move when someone sees you and jumps in with the pushing. It gets a little easier. Then two or three more see you need help and jump in and all of a sudden the job is done and the car is out of the way. That’s what it is like with a mastermind. There is POWER to get the job done with a little teamwork. And the same goes with the battery illustration which is one of my favorites. When you connect several of them together there is a whole lot more cranking power than a single battery.

You can form your own mastermind or join one like this one at MFF where the work has already been done, plug right in and have an instant support team and all you have to do is want it bad enough to be coachable. And thank you Linda and Michael for providing it and to all my mastermind friends who participate.

Rick Burnett
Spanish Fort, Al