Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Toby Bloom Albquerque, NM, usa

Posted: 2018-01-31

The chapter on masterminds reminds me that I am so lucky to be in  one. You get the opportunity to listen to orther people and learn what they know. Michael has been in so many MLM's most of  which if you went into them you would wind up broke. Instead, we get to benefit from  his experience and have a much better chance of success. I wish I had a groupn like this for my insurance business. One can only profit from these pearls of wisdom. The questoin is how mjch more valuable is saving money then  time. To me it is very valuable. I will be a active particpate in this group.

I have reread chapter 2 because it all ties togarther . We must learn and grow. We must learn how to think like we are already rich.