Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Fred Moudy Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, United States

Posted: 2018-01-30

I have this talent but it proves nothing, I like this talent but it produces me nothing I know a certain person that also has a talent and his talent produces him nothing as well but he likes it and is skilled with it one day we meet another person that needs my friends talent but for my friend to meet this persons need he has to include my talent now my friend's talent makes him money and my talent makes me money and the third person accomplished his goal as well.

This is carried out in the construction field every day, no matter if it was a building, a road, or bridge another place it is carried out is partner one needs partner two and together they produce a tangible purpose you and I call it a “job” it makes no difference if we produced a car or knitted a sweater it still was committed with an alliance of two or more people.

Anyone that hates their job needs to increase their talents to a level more suitable for them if you cant do this then you are where you belong be happy.