Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2018-01-29

Chapter  10

Power Of The Master Mind

From The Book

Think And Grow Rich,


A few months back I was at the local health club,

This guys get’s into his car to leave, it want start, it’s

A 2000 something Cadillac.  There were 2 guys helping

Him, all his car needs is a set of booster cables and another

Automobile to give the battery in his car a little more power

To get the car started.  Sometime later I noticed they had

The hood up and they were looking all over the engine,

My thoughts were, I guess they can’t find the battery.

A short time later I was leaving  the health club, I stepped

Out into the parking lot they had just gotten the car started

And they were putting the back seat back together.

Another man had driven into the parking lot on his way

For his morning work out, he told these guys that were

Looking for the battery that the battery was most likely

underneath the back seat, this guy that knew where the

battery was located told a story about his girl friend’s car

needed a boost, and he was unable to fiend the battery,

he asked his girl friend, where is the battery, it’s underneath

the back seat, he was able to pass that experience on to these

guys that were working on this car. 


We all come from deferent parts of the world, we were

All raised by deferent parents, we all have deferent

 experience. We share our experience by speaking up on

the calls, posting lessons, for Think And Grow Rich Lessons,

we share ideas, books, links, videos, stories, with each other.

Thanks to this system Think And Grow Rich Lessons,

Mentoring For Free, the people who take part day in

and day out, I no longer think inside the box one hundred

percent of the time!