Think & Grow Rich Lessons
joseph lombardo millville, NJ, usa

Posted: 2018-01-28

I've herd for the past 2 years that your the sum of the 5 people your around the most.If you hang around negative people your going to be negative.
If you think negative everything you do will fail.Your wasting energy,I have noone all i have is my wife and my brother.Our children live far away Orlando.
So im on my PC all day i have my mentor positive and the Mentoring for Free group.After every call i feel good.I feel im going in the right direction.

For the past two years ive been trying to earn money online i now feel i can do this.I here and read a lot of good things here i can relate to.Its a positive
energy i feel.Im gonna keep getting on the calls and talking to my mentor.I have a hard time putting my thoughts into words sometimes.I think that after
a while ill get better at this to.Like it says in the Bible when more than one come together you feel the power its stronger i'm in the right place here it's
helped in a lot of other ways and its been 3 weeks.

It's opened my eyes to appreciate what i have so dont worry about anything and i dont.Worrying is lake of fath and it slows you down it's a negative force
worrying.Be grateful for what you have and it will always be enuf and more,I know this personally stay positive and move forward. All my friends that i was
close with have died in the past 4 years from one thing or another.Negative and positive friend that ive known for 40 years or more.It's sad to say but it's
true after my last negative friend died things started to get better for me.Im not glad they died but it's the way it is things happen for a reason.

All i think is positive now and im learning im a little slow but it's sticking to me.

Mentoring for Free is like therapy,It teaches us how to think really it does just keep getting on the calls talk to my mentor do what he says and sooner or
later ill be like him,This is all I've been doing listing to the lesson the ebook im staying away from any negative force all positive stuff,im still with no music
TV and im gonna keep going only good can come of this.

I have some knowledge in learning more and now i have the right people to keep me on track.I tend to get off the topic sometimes but to me this is all
one topic how to do this right.Ill listing to the lessons over and over again until i can do something else and follow along,If we were to talk about anything
in Mentoring for Free i can on what ive heard and done so far,I couldn't tell you what lesson it came from,And then maybe i could ive only done two 9
and 10 but it dont matter as long as i know,.