Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Christine Lewis-anderson Bronx, NY, USA

Posted: 2018-01-11

This morning I awoke and made a decision. I had to decide whether to go out or not to go out. 

I turned on the news in order to check the weather. The only hindrance was slush. 

Yes, it was not raining. It was not snowing. It was slushy. So I donned my boots and ventured out.

I am so glad that I made that decision. 

Although plan A did no work out, plan B did.

I went window shopping. instead. The windows were nice, The people were nicer.

After a while, I bought a little token and headed back home.

I am so glad to have made the right decision.

Just like visiting someones' home, it gave me ideas.

The ride home was pretty smooth. I am still glad to have made that decision.

I got out and enjoyed the snow or what is left of it. Not bad :)

Spur of the moment decisions can be fun :)


Thank you for  sharing your stories, Linda and Michael Dlouy and friends. Enjoy the rest of your day.