Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Jacinta Martin Lafayette, Louisiana, U.S.

Posted: 2018-01-10

Definite Decision is my motto for 2018. I am guilty as charge when it would come down to making decisions. Procrastination became a new found sibling in my life. Along with lisenting to others opinions. And allowing the opinions of others to pave a way for me. Instead of looking within(intuition) making decisions on my own. I was so indecisive in my way if thinking. And being indecisive has cost me gravely. I have lost many opportunities that way. I have made a promise to myself which has been reinstated again toady. To make definite decisions. To do away with inaction and procrastination. To center myself around. And network with like minded people or. Other's that are in a place where. I want to get and see myself. Thanks Mastermind group, Thanks Micheal and Linda for creating this group. I will not allow fear based reality/illusions run my life. I am in control and creator of my reality. Whats most important is what to create a fearless reality. And that starts with definite decision.