Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Athanasios Georgakopoulos Ocoee, FL, United States

Posted: 2018-01-10

Chapter 8 Decision 

Hill states that leaders in any field that got what they wanted made decisions promptly and definitely. 

Many people along the way attempt to have you alter your decisions. Maybe for good intentions. But Henry Ford was adamant in his decisions and he reaped great rewards for them while dealing with his own advisors telling him otherwise.

To me I am in the same boat. My decision to become debt FREE has many people jealous and attempt to get me to just live with debt like most people. I refuse to be told WHAT to think, I am a critical thinker and my gut tells me to disregard the naysayers. As a blue it’s imperative that I stick to this task until it’s completed. One at a time:


Complete Debt elimination 

Create substantial savings

Look for a new full time job

Move to the area I desire

Get back into my network marketing business


I know what is best for me, many think they are helping but just drives my desire for true freedom more just like the founding fathers of our great nation of the USA. They refused the bribes, fear tactics, chance of death by the crown of England.

We all have similar battles, maybe not as life drastically ending but freedom in our OWN lives differ.

This chapter really gives me confidence and the sign to keep doing what I’m doing. I made the DECISION to alter my family tree and from there God guises me. 

Make the DECISION, stick with it, keep sticking with it till your desired results.

Thank you for being my brothers and sisters in this revolution of the MIND. It’s HOW we think not WHAT we think by others that will better our lives and our current  families, future families.

God Bless!

Athanasios “Tommy” Georgakopoulos 

Ocoee, FL