Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Connie Grimes Lubbock, TX, United States

Posted: 2018-01-10

                                                                       CHAPTER 8

                                                           DECISION:  MASTERY OF PROCRASTINATION

                                                        The Seventh Step Toward Riches


I really like the movie, "The Wizard of Oz."  As a holdover from my work in the "real" world, I find the characters whom Dorothy encounters fascinating.  I have always been partial to the "Cowardly Lion," and the fact that he never recognized his courage until the Wizard pointed it out to him.  We all have that tendency to not see the things in us that keep us going. 


In all my readings of "Think and Grow Rich," I never really paid much attention to the aspect of COURAGE.  Hill stated, "The value of decisions depends on the courage required to to render them. The great decisions, which served as the foundation of civilization, were reached by assuming great risks, which often meant the possibility of death."


Hill lists several men who displayed the kind of courage needed to make significant change in the world in which they lived:  Socrates, Robert E.Lee, Abraham Lincoln.  Also mentioned were the men who began this country, knowing that the signing of the Declaration of Independence might mean thir deaths.  Delay of making a decision (procrastination) would have changed history as we know it.  In Lincoln's case, the decisions he made playd a large part of John Wilkes Booth's assasination of the president. 


My dad was a little different from what Hill described.  Instead of reaching decisions promptly, he took an agonizingly long time to make decisions.  Then he did as Hill commented: that he did not change his decisions easily and mostly not at all.  I always thought he was the greatest procrastinater ever.  Now, I realize he was a green personality.  Michael would say he was an uber green personality!


What decisions have you procrastinated in making?  What were the consequences ot that delay?


What results came from decisions you made in a timely manner?  Did you meet resistence and have to stick to your guns?


Thanks to Michael and Linda for making the timely decision to give back to the communities that made Mentoring For Free possible..Thanks to Nathan for helping me not procrastinate in getting things done  Thanks to Bob for his encouragement.  Thanks to everyone on the calls that give me feedback and encouragement.


Connie Grimes

Lubbock, TX