Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Cindy Harris Mandeville , Louisiana , USA

Posted: 2018-01-09

Procrastination is the opposite of decision.  When my husband, Randy, was approached with the offer to purchase Premier Cleaners, after having watched his brother, Kenny, having great success in the dry cleaning business, he wasted no time in accepting the offer, and he moved within weeks to an afluential community in Louisiana from the country in East Texas to begin the learning process.  His cousin, Steve, had already installed 40 dry cleaning businesses across The South, and Randy understood that, in order to be successful, he shouldn't change what was already working.


We should reach decisions quickly and change slowly.  We continued on with the very same business practices for the past 18 years, with the exception of SLOWLY adding extra services after the dry cleaning business across the Country began declining.  At this time, the numbers are down 50% across the Country.  We first began offering leather and comforter cleaning services.  We take leather in and send it off to the leather professionals.  We clean comforters on site.  As time went on, we began to take in other houshold items, to include throwpillows, bedding, some rugs, and other various items.  Our customers have grown to trust us to clean their treasures of all kinds.


We are known as THE discount cleaner for the distance of a 30-mile radius.  Against the urging of many, including myself, my husband will not accept credit cards, but we still only accept cash and checks, because we would have to raise our prices or pass the fees along to our customers.  Our trusted customers greatly appreciate that, and they keep their checkbooks handy solely for our business.  We don't operate out of greed, but we want to be a reputable service for the community.