Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Toby Bloom Albquerque, NM, usa

Posted: 2018-01-04

Making a decison can be a risk ,if that  deciosion doews not work you might regret  makng it. Many times we make these because  we have no choice. Hill points out that you need to  make decisions and stick to them.  He says that procasternation is our enemy. I have had to make some hard ones in my lifem and have had people try  to talk me out of them. I have found that one has to have as much of all of the facts to make a good decision. There is the Ben franklin method where on one side you put all ther pro and the orther side you putn all of the cons,  whichever sie has more it the side you make your decision.  For me, I know that doing nothing is not the correct tbhing to do. Take jioning the Mentor for free as an exmaple. I know most MLM's are scams, amd have read about how bad they  can be. I know that  t here is a risk, but I also know that I need to do better. Micheal's experiences have shown me that there is hope. For me, making a decision to move ahead amnd trust Michael and Bob I know is the right one. We all have to be determined to move on and be forthright in what we do.