Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill, NJ, United States

Posted: 2017-12-27

Chapter 6: Imagination

I have a very active imagination. I spend a lot of time imagining myself in different places or situations. I imagine having a nice conversation with our son who is still learning to talk and turned 17 yesterday. Sometimes imagination gets me into a sad state if what I had imagined didn't turn out as I planned but I had learned a skill to go with whatever happens and build from it. 

On Christmas day we left for Atlantic City to stay in a hotel where our son loves to be. We imagined the day to be perfect and we would do everything we planned to do for our stay. But the room was not ready for over 4 hours and we were disappointed but we used our imagination and made the day so fun for our son. It turned out better than we imagined because we actually got a $50.00 room comp and a 40 dollar breakfast comp and 2 free drinks at the bar if we chose to. At check out on Tuesday morning which was our sons birthday, the clerk at the desk told us to enjoy the rest of the day in the room. They gave us an extra 6 hours in the room. It was great and our son had the greatest Birthday and we all got to spend quality time together. Better than we had imagined.  

I loved the story about the man that had the imagination that if he had a million dollars what he would do with it. I to always imagine making other people so happy with helping them pay off debt. I didn't realize until this weekend that I actually have the vehicle to do that now without having to wait for the amount of cash I need to do that.

I imagine I will help so many people this year build a business of their own and it will help get them the money to pay bills and it will help us while we help others. 

With the Holidays here and my sons birthday on top of it all. He is also receiving services now where he gets to go out places with therapists and sometimes the therapists are here. It makes for a busy life. I did imagine I would still find the time to get here and write my lesson and I listened and read the lesson 2 times this time around. I imagine that I will be a much better person at everything I do when I am here a year from now still posting these lessons and helping so many others like my mentors helped me. Thanks to all of you for being here and taking the time to show me I have the ability to imagine my life to be any way I want it to be. 

Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill, New Jersey