Think & Grow Rich Lessons
James Lombard Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

Posted: 2017-12-27

Ctrl/C                                                                                         Imagination


Speaking of Frank Gunsaulus, the clergyman who needed a million dollars to set up an educational institution he had been conceiving in his mind, Hill says: “He recognized too that definiteness of purpose takes on animation, life and power when backed by a burning desire to translate that purpose into its material equivalent.” Like the spark plugs in the car, the desire is the spark that puts ideas into motion.


A burning desire will work successfully when it is guided by a coherent plan, and that can only be done with the aid of the imagination. There are two kinds of imagination, namely, the synthetic, which uses already known concepts and ideas and the creative, where original concepts and ideas are used to form a plan. The creative depends solely upon the hunches and inspirations derived from Infinite Intelligence, responding to impulses of positive thought sent from the subconscious mind.


You cannot have a strong, burning desire without a definite purpose, intent on action, behind it. Frank Gunsaulus would never have uncovered a plan had he not made the decision to get the money within a week. His imagination, which supplied the inspiration for his original idea of the educational institution, spurred on by his definite decision, produced the plan to advertise his sermon, because he left himself no way out. It was a case of do or die; he had burned his bridges, just like the leader in the chapter on desire who, embarking on a campaign against a superior foe, burned his ships; or, Henry Ford giving the engineers with their specialized knowledge the order to continue their search for a way to cast an eight-cylinder engine block in one piece. In such situations, imagination, with the help of Infinite Intelligence comes to one’s aid. As Hill says: “The main thing of importance was the decision to get the money within a specified time…”, and, “Observe this important fact – he got the money within thirty-six hours after he reached a decision in his own mind to get it and decided upon a definite plan for getting it!”


                                                                                     Regards and best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.


                                                                                                          James Lombard, Dublin, Ireland.