Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Toby Bloom Albquerque, NM, usa

Posted: 2017-12-26

This chapter reminds me that desire amd and a will to succeed can go a long way. We all have ideas some bad and some good. You don't know what they are till you give them life. I am reminded that the Wright Brothers saw in their mind a way to fly. We now can fly coast to coast in a matter of hours. I too have had ideas, some have been scoufed at like me being a insurance agant. My own mother has on occasion tried to shoot them down. I on the other had built my busniess. It pays me from time to  time for sticking with it. I can see that the understanding of colors can improve my ubderstanding how people think.  I never give up on on trying to think of better ways to make  good money.