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Bob Shoaf Sunny Alamogordo, NM, USA

Posted: 2017-12-26


The Fifth Step toward Riches

Napoleon Hill challenges us in Chapter 2, DESIRE, to begin imagining what success means to us. He gives us 6 Steps by which DESIRE for riches can be transmuted into its financial equivalent:

First. Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire. It is not sufficient merely to say "I want plenty of money." Be definite as to the amount. (There is a psychological reason for definiteness which will be described in a subsequent chapter).

Second. Determine exactly what you intend to give in return for the money you desire. (There is no such reality as "something for nothing.")

Third. Establish a definite date when you intend to possess the money you desire.

Fourth. Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire, and begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action.

Fifth. Write out a clear, concise statement of the amount of money you intend to acquire, name the time limit for its acquisition, state what you intend to give in return for the money, and describe clearly the plan through which you intend to accumulate it.

Sixth. Read your written statement aloud, twice daily, once just before retiring at night, and once after arising in the morning. AS YOU READ-SEE AND FEEL AND BELIEVE YOURSELF ALREADY IN POSSESSION OF THE MONEY.

As Evelyn Kyle says, she will build a house. She has already built it in her mind. She knows the floor plan, the number of rooms and details the house will have. She must imagine her house in her mind and know she is going to get it. That is what we must do, to develop a BURNING DESIRE.

Napoleon Hill says there are two forms of IMAGINATION:

    1.  Synthetic Imagination: This is where we take existing ideas and plans and form new ideas and plans. Nothing new is created.
    2.  Creative Imagination: As the name implies, new ideas and plans are formed through "hunches or inspirations" from our creative imagination. This form starts with our self-talk, vibrating rapidly, with emotion, it communicates with Infinite Intelligence or with the minds of other people. This is the only way we can receive new ideas.

Do not be concerned that You do not understand Creative Imagination. What matters to be successful with the instructions here in Think and Grow Rich Lessons, is that one is COACHABLE and begins following instructions.

Being COACHABLE  means learning how to CRAFT Your PERFECT Self-Talk per Ken Klemm's training. Every person who has put their client on a coaching call should have shared this training. Self-Talk is required to be successful here in Mentoring for Free.

I'm grateful that I found Mentoring For Free and that Linda and Michael Dlouhy had the foresight and persistence to have created a place like this that, if a person is sincere about changing their life in a very positive way and becoming successful, they can do it using this proven duplicatable system. Thank You, thank You, thank You, Linda and Michael Dlouhy.

I am grateful for the people who also have the foresight and persistence to change their lives in a very positive way by attending the weekly training calls and form a master mind group per Napoleon Hill's recommendation.

Bob Shoaf
Sunny Alamogordo, NM

PS: I am also very grateful to each person who communicates periodically with me and has the foresight and persistence to change their lives in a very positive way. We too, form a master mind group per Napoleon Hill's recommendation. Thank You, thank You, thank You to each one of You. I appreciate each one of You.