Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2017-12-24

Imagination is being creative. Think about how the New Yankee Stadium in the Bronx has been built. George Steinbrenner the late owner of the Yankees had the vision and he saw a new stadium being built. One with a museum in it and more comfortable seats. Plus elevators that were computerized, as well as an accessible wheel chair section as well. Imagine building a big organization. Think about how many people fit into a ball park. I looked up the total amount of people the amount of seats that are in Yankee Stadium. Its capacity is 54,251 seats. Now imagine having a goal to have an organization like that? That would be phenomenal. And what if every person in the stadium was your customer? Imagine that. The reason why I bring up this point is to avoid thinking that your company is saturated, that everybody has heard of it. Think about what Michael mentions in his e-book Success In Ten Steps. Every relationship driven company no matter how poorly managed was successful without any fail. Now companys that do not have remarkable products will ulimately fail but even worse. If you are out there recruiting, recruiting and asking people to open up their McDonalds then you may as well be sitting on the bench.

Bob Shoaf really is a creative mentor here. Even I learned from him as well. Two of his lines are as follows: We can help you attract anything and anyone that you desire. In the next 15 minutes we can change your life, once the 15 minutes are up then your life will not be the same. That is to start a Colors Presentation. You will be getting more upline support than you do from your company here. Michael Dlouhy and his wife Linda live a life that most people dream of. And he also grateful for what he has since he has been reading the book the Magic by Rhonda Byrne. And Ken Klemn always says that you have to have an attitude of gratitude. The more grateful you are the more things you will attract.

How is your imagination going to be. So many of us have come from a JOB mentality where were told to follow the rules like "Don't Run you will fall" and "Don't pay attention to the man behind the curtain from the Wizard Of Oz.

In Conclusion: Learn the skills and the Colors because you will be able to then determine what people like and more importantly what they can't stand.  And you will then stop talking Chinese to a person who does not speak English.

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: Zig Ziglar mentioned in his audio How To Get What You Want that the people who wait for aunt Matilda to move out in order to do whatever they want get cooked in the squat every time. You do not want to be someone who said I wish I had. You want to be someone who said I am glad I did. And 3% of the Yale Graduates wrote down their goals over a 20 years period and they accomplished MORE than those who did not.