Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Wiley Price Lake Worth, FL, USA

Posted: 2017-12-22

Lesson 6 Imagination
December 22, 2017


Definiteness of purpose all starts with a single idea man has learned to fly due to the movement of an idea. Before it was a thought on a chalkboard.

The concept of money even though money has no value else the value that the government places on it, it is nothing more than plane paper but money was come about by a single idea, amazing what imagination can do. That is why you don’t chase after money chase and it will leave you every time.

Coca-Cola is the one

That old magic kettle you might have guessed the idea behind this old magic kettle was a drink by the title that started a revolutionary thrust toward changing the drink industry and it all started with and idea.

The paper mill

Remember what I told you about money well the vehicle for the obtainment of it begins with a single idea. It doesn’t require money to make money, it takes an idea.

The mind of man

With the help of billions of nerve endings in the human brain we are simply amazing no wonder we can beat even the smartest computer namely the terminator “I’ll be back”.