Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ethel Van Zanten Tucson,, Arizona, USA

Posted: 2017-12-13

Chapter 4-Auto-Suggestion


Like everyone I realize that this chapter has the key to what we need to succeed in this network marketing that we are in.  We need to have positive self-talk and be persistent in repeating it many many times a day so that we will begin to believe we can be successful network marketers.  


I really liked Celeste and James lessons and I copied into my notebook the pointers they made.  I like to think of the times when I had a positive experience and get excited and even start telling my imaginary friend how great it was.  I just have to put it into a self-talk that will influence my actions at this time.  


Mr. Hill says we shouldn’t be surprised if we can’t control and direct our emotions when we first try self-talk.  We have to be patient and persistent.  If we don’t succeed the first time to control and direct our emotions we need to try again and again-be persistent.  Remember we can’t have something for nothing.  We can’t cheat.  


Since this chapter has many things to remember and we have to concentrate on what we are feeding our sub-conscious mind, we should read this chapter and follow all the instructions more than once.  Mr. HIll says man has the power to influence his own subconscious mind  and through it gain the cooperation of Infinite Intelligence.  Mr. Hill suggests that we,”read the entire chapter aloud once every  night, until you become thoroughly convinced that the principle of Auto-Suggestion is sound, that it will accomplish for us all that has been claimed for it.  

Ethel Van Zanten

Tucson, AZ