Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill, NJ, United States

Posted: 2017-12-13

Chapter 4: Auto-Suggestion

I especially liked this chapter being a blue because it was short and to the point. I especially loved this chapter because it was easy to follow and I saw something here I never saw before. I also noticed that all the Chapters are coming together. 

Auto-suggestion is something we have applied to our life daily in everything we say about our son. We may be and are hopefully telling ourselves that everything is going to be okay. Everything will turn out great. Just don't tell yourself negative stuff like this always happens to me. Say your day is not turning out as planned and at one point in the day you look at someone and say this stuff always happens to me. That is why you are having this stuff happen to you. Auto-suggestion represents desire, faith, self-talk. It's self-programming.

Imagine yourself as a computer model that needed to have programs run in your brain. If you constantly had self destructive thoughts put in your brain you would eventually self destruct. But if you had positive and motivating thoughts put in your brain you would never breakdown. 

You need to feed yourself positive thoughts all day long. Rethink how you say things. Be grateful for your problems and thank the universe for helping you fix them. Be grateful for your bills because someone trusted you enough to open an account with them to pay later for the services they gave you already. Be grateful for everything, Even the mess on the floor you have to clean up. Imagine your life without the person that made it and you will become grateful.     

Be happy because when you are not happy you can never be successful no matter how much you want to be. 

Thanks everyone for stopping by and thanks to all my mentors without you all I would still be stuck and alone.

Dawn Meyers

Mullica Hill, New Jersey