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Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2017-12-12

Chapter 4


From The Book

Think And Grow Rich,


Hill tells us!

Many philosophers have made the statement that man

Is the master of his own earthly destiny, but most of them

have  failed to say why he is the master. The reason that

man may be the master of his own earthly status, and

especially his financial status, is thoroughly explained in

this chapter. Man may become the master of himself,

and  of his environment, because he has the power to

influence his own subconscious mind.

When growing up, I never gave very much thought about

My mind being programmed, by the people around me,

In a bad way, I just took that as being normal.

Mr Hill lets us know we can change our thinking,  we can

Program our own minds by taking time to think, about what

Do we want out of life? Who am I? Who can I become?

Hill talks about how important it is to have a positive self

talk  going on in our minds at all times. Keep the positive

emotions  close by Desire, Faith, Love, Sex, Enthusiasm,

Romance, Hope, Prosperity.

What has helped me the most?  It’s the master mind we have

Here at Think And Grow Rich Lessons, Mentoring For Free,

It’s the interactive calls that have helped me the most when

It comes to changing my thinking.


I am truly grateful for the Mentoring For Free system,

 and everybody who takes part. 

Thank you for your Brilliant lessons!

This system has helped me more than I thought was possible!