Think & Grow Rich Lessons
William Keen Cherry Grove, Alberta, Canada

Posted: 2017-12-12

I have been told that you can either make money or you can make excuses.  I don't seem to be making money so I need to check out what I am saying to myself. I have listened to Ken Klemms lesson on crafting the perfect self talk, but I haven't accomplished the task yet.  Need to try it again. 

Years ago I learned that there is always a space between stimulus and response - that we always have a choice in every situation.  Today thanks to a suggestion from Bob Shoaf, we learned that for somethings that moment of pause is enough for our minds to talk us out of making a change or begin doing something uncomfortable.  Mel Robbins suggests to count down from 5 to 1 to break the loop and begin an action.   -Ruby