Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celeste Smucker Nellysford, VA, United States

Posted: 2017-12-10

Chapter 4 Auto-suggestion


Hill calls auto-suggestion the "agency of control" through which we either feed our minds with creative, positive thoughts, or negative ones.  He uses "thoughts" broadly to include input from all senses such as what you see or read, what you hear, or even what you smell.  Regardless of the source, when thoughts, feelings, sensory impressions enter your brain they go direct to the subconscious and start programming it for good or for ill.  Our job is to decide what we  let in to minimize the negative influences.  

Saying consistent self-talk with emotion behind it is a great way to program our subconscious and the more often we repeat it with enthusiasm, the more likely we are to override  negative programming.  We can also read positive books, participate in the Think and Grow Rich sessions each week and tune out the news.  Essential oils are another form of positive programming for the subconscious, and we can choose the ones we need to fit our intentions such as better focus, supporting our immune systems or improved sleep. 

The power of fragrances is something. real estate agents are very familiar with, which is why they encourage people to bake ginger cookies or start  simmering a pan of cider with cinnamon sticks just before buyer prospects are due to arrive, especially during the holidays.  The agents know these fragrances will get people remembering holidays past and associate that positive feeling with the house.

A big reason  self-talk correctly used is powerful is that it brings us into the present moment, which is the only place we have any power to make changes in our lives.  Take for example Michael's self talk for his business:  I am having fun attracting and sponsoring leaders into my business easily and consistently with education and teamwork. Notice he is having fun now this instant not sometime in the distant future when the business is totally built.  Self talk in the present tense pulls us out of anxiety about past failures whatever they are and lets our subconscious know exactly how we can achieve our intentions right now in this moment. In this case, by bringing leaders into our business consistently and with ease.  

If we use this self talk we put our subconscious minds on alert that struggle is not welcome, and that it's all about ease and having fun.  Michael also explains what he gives and teamwork, all of it happening in the now.

This is a simple system and very effective...if we don't get in our own way.  There are many ways we do this including reciting the self talk without emotion, forgetting to use it every day, or only saying it a few times.  If you think you've said it often enough, give it a few hundred more repetitions just to be sure.  

Another way we stop the effectiveness of self talk  is labeling people and judging them accordingly (and all of us are guilty of this at one time or another). When we do this we are  unconsciously slipping into negative self talk.  For example,  maybe we find red personalities intimidating so we label them as such and avoid them, even if a lot of them suddenly download our ebook. 

Or maybe we have a few frustrating experiences with some of the other color personalities.  Maybe we judge greens because we have met some who take way to long to make a decision or yellows because sometimes they are too shy or their feelings get hurt and they quit, or maybe we label blues as unfocused.  But when we judge a whole group this way we miss out on opportunities to form relationships with the ones who sincerely want our help.

What's true is labels are convenient but there's nobody, no matter who they are, where they are from, the opinions they have, or the political affiliations they hold (to name just a few possibilities) that fits 100 percent into our categories, and judging them accordingly puts the brakes on the flow of  positive energy into our lives and hinders our efforts.  

We are all complex human beings molded by different backgrounds, parents and life experiences that make us who we are, and we all have beliefs that may seem inconsistent to an outsider.  But, if we stay in the present and seek relationships with the people we attract, we may be surprised at the number of blues who are focused, greens who can make decisions and yellows who do really well in network marketing. And there are many more who, when we mentor them, can turn their lives around.  It all starts with a commitment to using positive auto-suggestion in all the forms it may take.


Celeste Smucker, Nellysford, VA