Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Andre Lichterfeld Berlin, Europe, Earth

Posted: 2017-11-29


Somehow my family survived prussian mercantilism and colonisation. If your family lived around central Europe in the past, since you would not have been alive otherwise, this probably is true for your family as well. Today the same mechanisms are still legally valid. After I have looked it up in some good dictionaries what people may name it today, I want to call it statism and neopolitical economics. You will realize what I am taking about after your own invistigation some day or the other. Or your descendants are. At least that is what I am wishing for.

For now, just let us survive these economics

So, somehow my family survived; despite the fact that - in the same year - my paternal grandfather had been killed in action in Greater Berlin and my maternal granddad had fled at first the Red Army and thereafter his Brownshirt mother. She certainly just did not know any better.

Now let's talk about trends a little

Some trends come and go. Some trends remain. Some for years, some for millennia. The challenge is to read those trends and then only seize those which support your family and the families of good friends. The rest is boondoggle. And there's a lot of it.

I came from coercive attendence in school through to wage agreement and privately employed in the end as well only to dropout from all corporate industry altogether. Then I went back to second-chance education and found out how I have been there, done that and failed because of that already. Yet in the thick of it network marketing crossed my way thanks to a very good friend. On top of that I became father for the first time back then.

After many more years I eventually progressed to successfully reading some trends now. I dropped out of politics, became more and more immune to a number of things from newscasts to immunization and finally left the mainstream completely. I have learned a lot about health and nutrition, about homoeopathy, creme and plaster tape, about personalitiy types and worship, about mindset and psycho-paedagogy, about wealth and currencies.

Today I live a healthier life - even though or due to eating a lot of chocolate -, no longer praise only one populace and even ride the tide of crypto trends in a globalized world - thanks to Mentoring For Free among others with Michael Dlouhy and Richard Dennis.

I love you!

Andi Lichterfeld