Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Imogene Lewis-Broderick BROOKLYN, NY, United States

Posted: 2017-11-15


Take Inventory of Yourself, As You Read This Closing Chapter, and Find Out How Many of the “Ghosts” Are Standing in Your Way


This 15th and final chapter to this historical empowering writing makes it crystal clear that regardless of the previous chapters read, with clear outlines and details, the benefit from this philosophy can only be used for success, if one’s MIND is prepared to receive it.

The study, analysis and understanding of these three enemies, Indecision, Doubt and Fear must be mastered. These enemies prevent the “Sixth Sense “A power of perception beyond the five senses” from operating in one’s life. Furthermore, and the most dangerous aspect is the fact that these enemies at times remain hidden in one’s subconscious mind, making it even harder to be detected and eliminated.

Of the Six Basic Fear, I would align myself more closely to the “Fear of Criticism”.  As an Independent Financial Advisor, who must find my own clients, I frequently worry about someone saying no to what I am sharing, instead of realizing or be cognizant of the fact that the person that says no, might just not be ready for what I am offering or that I might not be the person divinely assigned to help that person, and so just move on to the next person that might be looking and waiting for me.

I have had the opportunity to read various versions of “Think and Grow Rich” the latest version, “Think and Grow Rich,  The Empowered Women’s Guide to Success”, but having the opportunity to participate with this group allows me to realize that I was suffering from the “Symptoms of the Fear of Criticism.”