Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill, NJ, United States

Posted: 2017-11-15

Chapter 15: How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear

This Chapter was challenging for a Blue. I have calmed down a lot but yet I am and always will be a blue. 

This Chapter brought me back to a time when my Dad told me a story about how at one time he feared death. He explained it to me so well I felt the same way instantly and I started to do the same. He then told me that he ruined his health from it. He was on everyday medication for a health condition that stemmed from his constant fear of dying. So I knew I had to work on it and not think about it. 

I have developed a lot of fears that actually I believe come from procrastination and that stems from not feeling worthy. I finally got it figured out but now I have to fix it. In 2010 I was so overcome with fear of the future I could not get out of bed and didn't care about anything. I was always numb and basically catatonic. I had to be made to get up and eat. I had children to care for and one is special care so I needed to get out of this fast. I finally one day just said to myself knock it off and get out of bed and I was lucky to have someone come and bother me every day. That's what I thought at the time but he was saving my life by keeping out of the dark place I was every day in my bed.

So I turned it around and faced my fears and I made myself better and I learned some tools along the way to help when I feel that way again. I am grateful for mentoring for free and my mentors that are giving me a reason to not give up and showing me that I can be as successful as I want. Michael told me that I didn't feel worthy enough and that is the truth and I now know that this is my fear. There are many things that contributed to this through the years and I am learning how to get rid of them and learning to not let fear control me.

But I will admit that I do have a fear that if I were to go out to an event somewhere that someone will do something horrific at our event. I will not get on a plane because of 9/11. I am not sure how to control the fear. I will actually go paralyzed in a movie theater if someone gets out of their seat during a movie. My family gets upset because they have to constantly coach me to go somewhere. But I will never get on a plane again.

Thanks to all of you for being here and taking time to stop by and read my lesson. I hope you are all overcoming your fears.

Dawn Meyers 

Mullica Hill, New Jersey