Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Adrian Duffen Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Posted: 2017-11-15

Chapter 15:  How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear


The only thing to FEAR is FEAR itself.

Fear is what keeps you in your Comfort Zone,  It is like the story about crabs in a bucket.  If you put one crab into a bucket, it will climb back  out.  Put two or more in a bucket and every time one tries to climb out the other(s) will pull it back in again.

I think that the bucket is the comfort zone, and when it is just you in it, it is probably easy to leave and therefore increase your comfort zone, but when there is more than one in it the others think "Hey we are all happy in this (bucket) comfort zone.  Why do you want to leave it and be a small fish in a bigger comfort zone instead of the biggest ones in this one?

Fear is what has prevented me from posting on here for too long.  I felt my posts were getting too personal to me, I felt I wanted to post aboout the lessons of the whole book and not just tis weeks lesson.  Fear has caused me to not join in the live calls etc.  I have not even listened to the recordings for a long while.  As I write this I am really nervous as I want to write lessons that will help others to succeed.  I feel Fear that I will not succeed.


So how do I combet this at last?  Keep saying positive affirmations Things like Today is better than yesterday.  I am fit and healthy ( I have had a number of health issues the last few years).  Every task I do is easy for me to do.  ( I have had to change job at my day job, and the work though less skilled had it's challenges for me and that saying has helped me to get comfortable with the work.


As one of the books I am currently reading says "Feel the Fear and do it anyway".  It is how we learnt to walk, talk and read etc as kids!


Adrian D. Duffen

Smith's Wood,


United Kingdom