Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tony Nalli New Port Richey, FL, USA

Posted: 2017-11-15

Fear what do I fear? The loss of my loved ones, the chance I may miss the one special opportunity to provide for my family.

When I was in Thailand the fear of who may be watching me in the dark and what they had in mind to do to me, the enemy! Today what I fear the most the indecision of making a follow up call! This is not a real fear it is all in my mind that I’ll be rejected the no I may receive is for the business not me I can defeat that fear with the same means I defeated the fear in Thailand logic. 

Fear is only real and debilitating if you let it.  I have fear of my own lack of dedication to what I’m working for.

During world war 2 President Rosevelt  said it best “ the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”  Control your fear by controlling your mind set think only positive thoughts and take only positive actions. Stay away from negative people with their negative thoughts and words.


Remember “ the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” 


Tony Nalli

New Port Richey Florida