Think & Grow Rich Lessons
camille cameron Brooklyn, NY, United States

Posted: 2017-11-15

This  lesson  made me face the truth within my being.  Coming face to face with this truth of who I really am and what I offer to the world, is all an illusion.

Based on this lesson I had to face my fears, acknowledge them and ask for guidance so I can be released from these negative attributes, which kept me in bondage.

I am so grateful for self talk because it gives me the strength and courage to reclaim the power that lays dormant in my inner being. When one know better they do better.

Moving forward prostration, indecision and the fear of financial success   will  be dealt with head. Acknowledgment of these fears made me aware of how I was giving over my power to words, which became my reality. And in return they took control over my being.

WORDS, SOUND, TONES, VIBRATION  are truly POWERFUL I now know, how to put them in  use for my benefit.

 I am truly grateful to be a part of this mastermind class because it brings me back to the basics, which supplies the tools for the  reinventing of my life.  It is wonderful.

  I thank Bob for his patience and understanding.

Much, much gratitude to Micheal and Linda Dlouhy for sharing this knowledge with the world.  THANK YOU.