Think & Grow Rich Lessons
robert tucker Bay Point, California, United States

Posted: 2017-11-14


The is a very old saying; Be Ye Transform bt The Renewing Of Your Own Mind. This chapter of inventory of oneself is very good.

The author lets us know that befor we can go farther towards our destiny our mind must be prepared through preparation of three

things that has set so many off course to their dreams and fortune; Indecision, Doubt,anf Fear. These three negative words are a

total spear to the faith towards destiny for success. The author tells us that the Sixth Sense will never function under the power of 

these three negatives remain in our mind all three goes hand in hand in working againist the positive power that impresses the

subconscious mind that shows how the power of choice operates on our behalf of reaching our destiny.


Knowing  your abilities has a lot to do with understanding how the Sixth Sense operates, it only comes by meditation through mind

development from impressing the subconscious mind that is why taking inventory of yourself and removing the Ghosts

of these fears out of the mind in ordered to have the Power from within to impower the mind for success. The goal is to turn the tide

of attention upon the cause and the downfall of these six fears in order to have the winning victory to what you desire to achieve.


We must know what it takes to win, and have victory.Through the power of the Subconscious Mind where Infinite Intelligence

that leads us to follow intuition which is the beeline to demonstration. Intuition is the Spiritual facultry above intellect like a "still

small  voice or a hunch that says; this is the way to go walk this way. True we have no absolute control over thoughts the divine

prerogative is the only means and the only way to control your destiny. Inifinite Intelligence is power for us our mind ,body ,

and affairs. About these Ghosts; the only ememies we have are from within ourselves all knowledge of truth of what we know

about ourselves and the fears we face brings us to know is that; Infinite In telligence is the power we need to win.

robert tucker, Bay Point,California, United States