Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bob Shoaf Sunny Alamogordo, NM, USA

Posted: 2017-11-06


The Thirteenth Step toward Riches

The Sixth Sense is also called the Creative Imagination of the subconscious mind. It receives the "hunches or inspirations" from Infinite Intelligence, the Universe or our Creator.

The Sixth Sense, when mastered, will warn us of pending dangers or give us ideas we can use to move us forward based upon what we have been saying in our self-talk.

Napoleon Hill says, we will never know if these above statements are true unless we begin to master the other steps in this book, Think and Grow Rich.

Hill knew a master mind group was required to begin learning these 13 Steps. He would nightly meet with his master mind group.  He did so to rebuild his character. We too, MUST be here with our master mind group to rebuild our character to overcome handicaps placed on us at birth in an environment of ignorance and superstition.

It all begins with what Napoleon Hill calls Auto-Suggestion. We here in Mentoring For Free call it Self-Talk. There must be three parts to Self-Talk. Ken Klemm does a masterful job of defining how to Craft Your PERFECT Self-Talk.

Self-Talk is not an option, if one DESIRES to learn these 13 Principles Hill gives us. It is mandatory. When learning begins and put into real world practice, one can learn how to attract anything and anyone they desire into their lives.

These 13 Principles have made many 10,000s and 10,000s of very successful people worldwide over the last 80+ years. They work for anyone who has the DESIRE, FAITH and PERSISTENCE to implement them.

I am grateful to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for having the DESIRE, FAITH and PERSISTENCE to create Mentoring For Free. I am also grateful to those who make up the master mind groups and provide their inputs.  I am also grateful to those who have downloaded Success In 10 Steps and allowed me to communicate with them regularly. We form a master mind group per Hill's instructions. We are helping each other implement our DESIRES.

Thanks You, thank You, thank You to each of You for Your role in making Mentoring For Free so unique.

Bob Shoaf
Sunny Alamogordo, NM