Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celeste Smucker Nellysford, VA, United States

Posted: 2017-10-31

Chapter 13  The Brain

Have you ever been to a company convention?  Or perhaps you've heard a powerful motivational speaker, or  watched one on Youtube.  Maybe you are a regular participant in a Mastermind group like this one.

In these situations we can feel alive and excited, full of powerful energy. This combination of inspiration and emotion  causes us to vibrate at a higher level than usual. And when that happens we become receptive to input from other brains as well as directly from infinite intelligence and new ideas start to pour in.  

We see ourselves succeeding in a big way, we may get inspirations about how to market a product or reach a prospect on social media. Or we pick up a scrap of dialog that we can use on calls to  prospects. Or maybe we have an "aha" moment about how we have been holding ourselves back and what to do about it.  

Best of all we just know we can succeed with whatever we set out to do. Our minds are buzzing with all this great energy and it is as though some floodgates opened up and gave us a cascade of new and interesting ideas we can use every day. In those moments we feel invincible, nothing can stop us. 

If we are smart we take notes,  highlighting the ideas that are most useful.  We talk to our friends and associates and share these new thoughts, masterminding and brainstorming ideas and concepts.  

Participation in this kind of activity, makes the world feel like a different place, full of potential and success because we are using  the powerful receiving and sending stations in the brain that Hill talks about in this chapter.  

Michael frequently reminds us that to attract the kind of people we would like to have in our lives and our businesses we need to become the people others want to do business with or to be friends with.  This chapter about how the brain works helps us understand what we have to do to become this kind of magnet.

Vibrating at a higher level requires clearing our brains of the chatter that interferes with transmission plus daily self talk to maintain the balance that comes with a consistent positive focus.  When we do this, though, our lives begin to shift and we experience the kind of all around abundance that Hill's book is all about.


Celeste Smucker, Nellysford, VA