Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ernest Tucker Rogersville, ALABAMA, United States

Posted: 2017-10-30

Chapter 14


The Sixth Sense.


Everyone has had strange things happen to them that they didn’t know why it just happened. You have to go to town and get something to put in a cake your making and when you return a tree was across your driveway right where your car was parked. Why, was it because you decided to make a cake, or because you had to go get something for the cake? Was it a miracle, a stroke of  luck or your sixth sense?


Call it what you want. Some say it is an angel ridding on their shoulder, some say it is in the universe calling danger danger and your brain flashes a red light. Some can read it; some can feel it and others can see it. Your conscious mind has no control over it.


Reading and understanding Think to grow Rich explains many features about your mind your brain  Some understand and grow rich some don’t and still grow rich. The ones who listens to the ether or universe gains much from the  sixth sense they know when the red lights goes on whether it is bad or good they just obey it and the outcome from it always brings happiness.


Many times when I travel I have stopped and pulled off the road for no reason and found out later I was glad. The sixth sense has many other thoughts ideas desires it picks out of the either and warns you or helps you to a great success or failure. Thomas Edison has great sixth sense ideas and explains it in this chapter.


Ernest Tucker