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Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2017-10-25

Our subconscious mind draws upon what it is feed, either positive or negative, Good or bad. It can draw love to us a business, friend's, finichial freedom even. It is able to help us when we need it most. A huge example in relation to the subconscious mind has a huge story attached.

Some months ago there was contractor issues at the company that work for. The job just wasn't getting done right, having been told that they would be replaced by staff i said that would be a cool job. Anyway many months passed,  my supervisor and I had been having challenges getting a good roster going for months owing to one day that was unable to work night and thats when they  needed me. Eventually that got sorted out and signed a contract for the new hours.

The very next week my supervisor rang out of the blue, offering me the possition that had previously said would be cool to do. The best part was the role was full time hours, closer to home that meant was able to get home easily which had become a issue needing to be picked up at night with Jamie and getting him to sleep.

The best part was that the hours suited that one day which was unable to work at night. Aswell as being able to have one night that allowed to go out to train club again. Our subconscious mind takes what we think and turns it into reality, when we believe what we say it becomes true. We can say I can do this or its opposite and that becomes truth when its emotionaliazed. So yes I am able to be that stay at home dad raising our kids.

Thank you very much to my wonderful amazing friends, family and mentors here at mentoring for free. A big thank you to Ken Klemm and Linda and Michael Dlouhy for Your continued support of own dreams and that of everyone else here at mentoring for free. Thanks to my amazing wife Jenny for Your ongoing love, support and encouragement.

Your friend for life,
Big higs
Ben drake
West ryde nsw Australia

Ps. I am just curious what can you manifest in your own life.